BDES 1201- Week 12

In this week’s readings we take a look at Paola Antonelli’s “Design and the Elastic Mind” which takes a dive into the many ways design and technology have influenced the way we live and the impact we can cause because of it. We also reviewed Shannon…

BDES 1201 — Week 11

By: Antonio Cicchetti

During this week we take a look at Victor Margolin’s “Design for a Sustainable World” and Stuart Walker’s “The Environment, Product Aesthetics and Surface”. …

BDES 1201 — Week 10

By: Antonio Cicchetti

In this week’s readings we take a look at “The Challenge of Responsible Design” by Jesse S. Tatum and chapter 10 of Jonathan Woodhams’s “Twentieth Century Design” labeled “Design and Social Responsibility”. …

BDES 1201 — Week 9

By Antonio Cicchetti

This week we take a look at chapter 8, “Pop to Post-Modernism Changing Values”, of Jonathan Woodham’s “Twentieth-Century Design” as well as “The Post-Modern Information World and the Rise of the Cognitariat” by Charles Jencks. …

BDES 1201 — Week 7

by: Antonio Cicchetti

In this weeks reading we take another look at Jonathan M. Woodham’s “Twentieth — Century Design” specifically his chapter titled “Design and Modernism”. In this chapter we get an in depth look into the history of modernism.

Modernism was a design movement…

BDES 1201 — Week 6

This week’s readings brought us a reflective look into two articles concerning design’s overarching effects in economic and cultural history and today in Earnest Elmo Calkins, “What Consumer Engineering Really Is” and Katherine McCoy’s “A Cold Eye”. …

BDES 1201

By: Antonio Cicchetti - February 08 2021

How the “Bureau of Suspended Objects” is helping us as consumer become more aware of production of ‘desirable’ objects and question when we decide if something is trash . …

BDES 1201-Week 5

During this week’s readings we looked at two very insightful chapters from both Donald Norman in his book “Emotional Design: Why We Love (Or Hate) Everyday Things” and Jonathan Woodham’s book “Twentieth Century Design”. …

Antonio Cicchetti

Kristina Ljubanovic

02 February 2021

BDES 1201

Eva Zeisel’s “Design for Industry” presents a very compelling counter argument to the notion that mass production is in no way related or involved with the art of craft. In this article we explore the clay industry as the example to…

Antonio Cicchetti

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